1. Douchebags Gone Wild

  2. TheGenYgirl

    Face still looks like a gay Jimmy Fallon.

  3. Built that stomach in prison just to support the mountains of semen piled upon it there.

  4. contusion

    Joe. If you’re reading this: “Nobody cares.”

  5. .. claims he’s not gay, but shows all the boys where they can “put it”.

  6. This is where the bad man touched me!

  7. An active rapist needs to stay in shape.

  8. tlmck

    “The Situation” meets “The Circumstance”.

  9. The second a guy does this I want to stab him in the face until it looks like Courtney Love\s vagina.

  10. Pull your fucking shirt down, asshole. Nobody gives a shit about your tits.

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