1. Johnny P!

    “Tim! Tim O’Shay! Look! I nabbed one! I told ye I would! Now he can lead us to the pot’o'gold!”
    “I’m warnin’ yaTim,.. not one step closer! And lady, will ya lemme go already?!?!”

  2. “..and then,….and then..I’m going to boil your head on my stove…”

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Oh, she’s my bang maid.

  4. I call this, giving the old Frank finger.

  5. GODDAMNIT FRANK! You can’t marry whores!

  6. There, you like how that finger smells? That’s Rhea Pearlman’s pussy…live with THAT to your grave!

  7. bigalkie

    Searching for his Leprechaun roots?

  8. Somebody get this midget some GD lemoncello!!!!!!

  9. The Dude

    Ya just tickle the prostate, like this.

  10. namevisible

    pavlovian reaction. She think she sees John Mayer and this is what happens

  11. I could watch him climb out of that leather couch over and over again.

  12. C’mere lady, and I’ll finger you too.

  13. “Rhea and I were getting ready to have sex, then she took off her clothes and opened her fucking piehole and my dick just went…”

  14. “Mr. Devito is signaling he would like a wafer thin mint”

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