1. B&WMinstrel

    “The Five of Pentacles. Are you about to do something you could hate yourself for?”

  2. “…and then…..and then,..I’m going to boil your head on my stove…”

  3. Buffalo Chips

    Good to see Antoine from Deuce Bigalow is back in action.

  4. If this is the type that attracts her, she’ll fall faster than Mila Kunis banging Ashton Kutcher.

  5. Are you fucking kidding me?

  6. Hank E. Ring

    Props to Weird Al for landing this honey.

  7. JM

    I know the guy she’s with. Friend of hers and excellent person.

  8. Wow…She really DID sleep with a wizard!

  9. It seems she goes for the greasy type.

  10. releaf frau

    She is with Billy Mann the music producer who discovered Emma.

  11. Look Emma found Jesus! Nothing like some religion to lower your IQ by about 40 points….

  12. Pff

    I didn’t know Rob zombie was into vampires now. Stick with the zombies Rob, stick with the zombies.

  13. journalschism

    And THAT’S why he’s Jesus!

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