1. What happened to her ginormous fake cans? Now I have to look at her face?!

  2. Buffalo Chips

    Just do porn.

  3. TheGenYgirl

    I happened upon J-Woww and Snooki while channel surfing and it was literally about her taking a dump and her boyfriend commenting on how smelly it was. Not kidding.

    • That sums up reality television perfectly. It’s just the TV industry taking a shit and everyone commenting on how much it stinks.

    • Buffalo Chips

      I remember years ago in the Newlyweds Jessica Simpson took a crap and Nick threw a fit because the whole house stunk from it. Hollywood can’t come up with anything new. Always just copying the classics.

  4. diego

    “Ehhh, looks likes wes gots some wise guys”

  5. Dick Hell

    I gather Ab Cuts is a euphemism for titanium spanx?

  6. Too bad she’s not promoting wrist cuts

  7. bigalkie

    JWowww Promoting Stupidity.

  8. jep

    Nasty. Gutter. Trash.

  9. karen

    looks like minka kelly in shape

  10. J Woww I cant believe that’s not a dude.

  11. She really DOES have pretty legs.

  12. After the De La Huerta wreck, I’m contemplating introducing this to my parents.

  13. I wanna know her tuck secrets.

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