1. Alex

    Demonstrating that great acting skills don’t always equate with great belt skills.

  2. And not a single fuck was seen that day…

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Sweatpants and a tie? This is one step above Nick Nolte’s bathrobe and fedora red carpet outfits.

  4. Make fun of my clothes, and the bunny gets it.

  5. Buffalo Chips

    Bring me a hamster, a funnel, and a lama about this tall. And no questions!

  6. Looks like he’s about to sweep that duster…. strike that… tweed jacket, and draw down on the law!.

  7. If he doesn’t have a Colt Peacemaker slung off his belt, that is a serious fashion mista….wait, are those drawstrings on his pants?

  8. bigalkie

    He buys his pants at the same store as Christopher Walken.

  9. You went full retard, man. Never go full retard.

  10. Tweed jacket says, English College Professor, and the pants say, It’s the pirates life for me.

  11. Sweatpants and a belt. That’s what I’m talking about. Twenty bucks says some other Hollywood tard sees this and takes it as the beginning of a trend. I’m looking at you, Usher.

  12. Watch out! Yet another Hollywood fashion statement coming through.

  13. Wesring a belt…. You’re doing it wrong…

  14. Georgio

    Hello Mrs Loopner!

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