1. ThisWillHurt

    The Maple Rapture started? Quick, act like you love Jesus! And you’re Canadian!

  2. And now for the #1 Federal Penitentiary System photo of the year…

  3. Juch

    Any chance that is 1,000 feet in the air above a junkyard of broken glass?

  4. Buffalo Chips

    Suddenly, I feel like skeet shooting.

  5. For an ecstatic second there, I thought I was witnessing him plunging to his death.

  6. asdf


  7. If the Mayans were still around this would be a into a pit of stakes or something much worse, the fate he truly deserves.

  8. Can you please start using quotation marks around the word “performing” in regards to this talentless ass hat?

  9. There is a bent over stage hand working below who is about to get the worst surprise of his life!

  10. psychoace

    I really hope there is a wall up ahead for both of them to run into. I know Sean wont see it coming.

  11. Never trust a guy in semen colored clothing.

  12. Maybe, just maybe he is falling into a large pit of acid.

  13. He’s showing everyone that he learned to do cartwheels when he was at summer camp.

  14. Pff

    Please tell me this ended the way I like to think it ended.

  15. Mr. Clean meets Gain…

  16. navvet


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