1. Name (Visible)

    Hasn’t Sean Kingston had enough of motorsports in tropical locales?

  2. That’s the toughest looking motorcycle gang I have ever seen…
    It’s leader beats and bites women…
    His first lieutenant crushes motorized vehicles and food…

  3. TeeP

    Hopefully he paid that bit extra for insurance. You know he is going to beat that thing.

  4. Buffalo Chips

    Easy Rider he is not.

  5. I’ve never wished for Amanda Bynes to be in Hawaii so hard in my life.

  6. Beating a woman is like riding a moped…oh wait.

  7. God tried to take out one douchebag and failed, now that both are together maybe it is time to try again. Might I suggest a semi truck.

  8. Little Tongue

    “We’re thugs. Big, bad thugs. Let’s fuckin’ fight this off!”

  9. contusion

    Idiots on parade.

  10. Where’s a lava flow when you need one? Damn you Madam Pele! Vent your wrath!!

  11. C’mon Grizz, DotCom!

    We’ve got to get back before Liz Lemon notices that we’ve been gone all day!

  12. bigalkie

    Satan’s Helpers

  13. Where’s a couple of armed guys in a Range Rover when you need them.

  14. Funny, I’d never had drive-by shooting boner before.

  15. Icehawg

    So this is that “Thug Life” thing I heard so much about.

  16. Pewpsock

    Motorcycle Men in a Moped Gang.

  17. Two boys, one wall…we can hope anyway…

  18. Throb the Wonder Mule

    C’mon Hawaii ! NO ONE ran this douchebag over by “accident” at all?
    Shame on da kine !

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