1. B&WMinstrel

    Meanwhile two guys are laying shingle dressed as ballerinas

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Thank goodness he no longer looks like an AIDS infected tranny and is back to looking like a 100% healthy douche.

  3. in LA…hipster celebrity’s, in North Dakota…standard issue dipshits. lol!

  4. Buffalo Chips

    The perfect storm of Doucheness.

  5. diego

    “Terry, how about you and I sneak away to Chateau Marmont to do a little nude photo shoot?”
    “But you did it for Lindsay and Gaga”
    “No. And would you please return the bottom half of my beard? Thanks.”

  6. Two pedos together, seems fitting.

  7. Kate

    MARS is coming

  8. A night of mad ass pounding started with a glancing touch of the hands …

  9. I hope Terry doesn’t do to Jared what he did to Lindsay.

    wait..I take that back. I hope he does EXACTLY what he did to Lindsay, but I do hope Photoboy doesn’t make me look at it.

  10. They are working up the courage to buy crack from Edward Furlong.

  11. They are fucking.

  12. Creeper™ and Creeper Lite™.

  13. Leto on top tonight…

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