1. would let make sandwich

  2. Big head, small panties.

  3. And that, ladies and gents, is why she’s the Blowjob Queen.

  4. This chick is so blazing hot. She’s got a lot of teeth, but she’s pretty. Plus she’s got a killer rack and bod. The nose is jacked up, but that just means she’s eager to please to make up for it. Plus, she cooks? Jesus – it’s like some sort of trifecta.

  5. diego

    Couldn’t agree more

  6. Fucking awesome body, shit ton of money and can cook. What more can you ask for?

  7. contusion

    Husband’s company supports a lot of fucked up political stuff. But she has nice tits. We’ll allow it.

    • brilliant

      Thanks. Looked that up, now I have no interest in shopping at any of those stores anymore…well their sale racks. Really? Santorum?

  8. She may be the perfect woman.

  9. Ever seen her mother? I’m guessing she was even hotter back in the day.

  10. bigalkie

    I would.. but, I like MILF porn : )

  11. I’m kinda blown away – at first I was thinking, bikini bottom, but on closer inspection, thats really not a bikini top. So, this is an underwear expose. There is a god.

  12. Meh, Granny Panties………………….. I feel like I see a Toe.

  13. She looks sexy as hell. I suspect that politically we would probably bump heads, but heads isn’t really what I’d be interested in bumping.

  14. lori

    “What do you mean, I look like I just woke up???”

  15. monkeybutt

    She is one of the best looking beards I have ever seen!

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