1. malaka

    i don’t think ozzy is gonna take this very well…

  2. “Mom, I know I’m John Stamos, but quit grabbing my wiener.”

  3. “Mom, come on…go with it…its the new trend. Stephanie Seymour and her sons are doing it.”

  4. I did not realize John had re-married

  5. Rebecca Romijn is not looking so hot these days.

  6. Gin&Tonic

    “Did her wig just move?”

  7. If she was the one that passed along the youthfulness gene to John, then she’s gotta be what, 120?

  8. Aunt Cracker

    I heard these two are expecting.

  9. little turtle head

    man he’s really settling for shit since divorcing Rebecca Rojmin…

  10. “Mom! Mom! I’m over here Mom!”

  11. Throw Momma From The Train.

  12. “Listen Bitch, you aren’t good enough for my Johnny. That Rebecca hussy was such an awful wife to my darling boy. He’s too handsome for any of you Jezebels! Johnny, let’s go, my bunions need massaging.”

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