1. Patch

    Drag queens usually have clever names.

  2. joe

    Never blow Prince.

  3. GLT

    Did (s)he just blow Barney?

  4. yoop

    “What donuts?”

  5. crb

    “Dass when I say, ‘Ayyyy, Papi; -Smurf.’”

  6. Is this the 5:00 Free Crack Giveaway?

  7. Blew Vanilla Ice, Ice-T, and Ice Cube…all in one evening.

  8. Fancy Face

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug

  9. looks like Miley tongued her.

  10. cmonreally

    She’d be way hotter if she just looked the other way.

  11. “How did you know I gave Charlie Sheen a blow job?”

  12. “Red balls gives you wings!”

  13. I really dig her, but no…This does not work.

  14. She’s doing the “baby stops breathing and is resuscitated on freeway,” that’s so hot in America this week.

  15. Gin&Tonic

    Still looks better than KimK

  16. Elf

    “Yes, this dress is pretty cold. Why’d you ask?

  17. Guys can get blue balls so it doesn’t surprise me women can get blue lips. Someone get this chick some cock!

  18. roofiesyum

    I’ma tell you somethin about me, Joe Rogan that you might not know… I smoke rocks.

  19. for the last time woman–SNORT the cocaine…don’t eat it!

  20. Looks like she rubbed her lips with sidewalk chalk.

  21. She looks like a prostitute that caters exclusively to clowns.

  22. Holy fuck-balls, when did Paz de la Huerta and Lady Gaga have a nightmare baby.

  23. Nut bra

    Did she pash Kelly “purple lips” Osborne? *shudders*

    Lesbian horror movie.

  24. KateyKat

    Dexter looks good in drag.

  25. started at the ass…worked my way up and…



  27. the pastel lipstick craze is NEVER a good thing, it never looks good, ever.

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