1. ♫ “I tumbled 4 ya, I tumbled 4 ya …” ♪ ♫

  2. I see Zuco, but where’s Ang?

  3. Looks like he tried to go black with Chris Brown…

  4. malaka

    ziggy played guitar!

  5. JB

    So I guess Tom Hanks will be in that docu-movie too…

  6. Brian Setzer looks like hell.

  7. It looks like someone really wanted to hurt him.

  8. Tha, tha, tha… The Grinch!

  9. “Do you really want to punch me, do you really want to punch me in the eye?”

  10. Did someone tell him that a dick in the eye is worth two dicks in the chocolate starbush?

  11. He got that DJ’ing in Croatia.

  12. I’ll love him forever, even if he is completely off his rocker.

  13. Michael Sheen and Rachel McAdams’ genderbending baby

  14. is it veganism or aids this time?

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