1. Randal

    Kim must loath her

    • cmonreally

      Especially after she got a special shout out in Vogue, whereas Kim has been trying to famewhore her way into that mag forever.

  2. Wait, is this the one that’s a whore? Or is this the one that’s a whore? I always confuse them.

  3. It must suck to get all of Kim’s hand-me-down pants, with all the blown-out asses and thighs.

  4. oldfool

    There will always be a brother in the shadows, just waiting for the green light from Kris.

  5. Gin&Tonic

    I wonder how many hundreds of $ her piece of shit jeans cost…

  6. Some poor fucker in a third-world sweatshop is wondering why in the hell he has to take a belt sander to perfectly good pairs of pants.

  7. “yes, I’m wearing a bra! SEE?!”

  8. I didn’t recognize her with her dignity on.

  9. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    PMK is brokering a WHOLE NEW DEAL … she just needs to find a legal loophole so this young ho can get her “showering’ from the kid in the background in the red hat.

    “Ok, how about this … we have Kendall arrange everything including the sale of the tape to the website in a Tajikastan, she gets the money deposited in a numbered Shanghai account & while she’s in jail (with CCTV coverage!) we clean out the Shanghai account?”

  10. The scion of the Kuntrashian family. She’s only just begun whoring.

  11. martina

    Honey, that look is unacceptable
    You’re 18 now, just go do the sex tape and get back to us.

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