1. malaka

    you know nothing john snow.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    In the upcoming season of Game of Thrones, Jon Snow becomes the King of Queens.

    • Long Jon Snow and Mance “Pants” Rayder battle for the Iron Bone in the new homosexual erotic novel “A Thong of Ice and Fire.”

  3. Sad Jon Snow is sad.

  4. “Everyone thinks I am Orlando Bloom but I still can’t get Miranda Kerr to fuck me”

  5. “And when my fixie flatted, I spilled my carmel apple macchiato and I dropped my Train CD. Worst day ever.”

  6. Swearin

    Is he in the Night’s Watch in real life, too?

  7. prettypants

    Jesus, in the thumbnail I thought this was Kristen Stewart.

  8. No idea who he is, so I image searched him. In some photos he looks quite attractive. In others he looks positively average, and in a fair number he looks like a terminally depressed emo kid with Down Syndrome.

    Now I am thoroughly confused.

  9. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    How would YOU look if you had just been told you’re a Jonas brother?

  10. “And the Emmy for Best Costume goes to… Game of Thrones”!

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