1. yoop

    “I hate to see you go but I love to watch you leave!”

  2. “Would you look at the buns on that… I bet he works out…”

  3. anonymous

    I guess stupid hats and gold shoes are the new thing?

  4. First they cast a black dude as Human Torch, and now they cast one as Davy Crockett. Fuck you Hollywood… Fuck you.

  5. My spider sense is tingling…there must be white pussy near by…BINGO!


  7. cmonreally

    I bet that ass reminds him of Bizzle.

  8. “Oh yeah, Pharrell? Well I’ll see your Ranger Smith and raise you one Davy Crockett!”

  9. “Pharrell wore an ugly hat and look how well he is going, I am going to not only wear an ugly hat, but I will top him too with some ugly shoes. I am going to win 10 Grammys and 2 Oscars I bet”

  10. Gin&Tonic


  11. Coljack

    “Whoa, that’s one hot lady. Act cool – you got this. Remember, you’re rich. Youre famous. You dance well. And you’ve got
    George costanza’s hat. Chicks dig George costanza’s hat.”

  12. Excuse me Miss, do you have a pre-teen son who would like some private dance lessons?

  13. Calm down Usher, its not Bieber in a wig.

  14. Elf

    How can anyone wear something so ridiculous. I mean, a gray t-shirt in Bevery Hills? What are we now, hobos?!?

  15. buzz

    2014– Year of Canada!

    First, Canada laughs as their unHoly Son Justin wrecks havoc on American cities and gets away with it every time.

    Second, Canada Hockey teams beat US Hockey teams in the Olympics like it was Rihanna night in the Chris Brown household.

    Now, Canada laughs as American singers walk around LA wearing their stupid looking hats from two centuries ago.

    Can’t wait for the inevitable return of using “eh” at the end of every sentence, eh?

  16. “Ooh, baby! She looks like she could strap one on and peg me for hours!”

  17. charlesatlas

    Davey….Davey Crocket…king of the wild frontier.

  18. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    First thing you know Ol’ Ush’s a millionaire
    Kinfolk said, “Ush move away from her’.
    Californy is the place you oughtta be.”
    So he loaded up his ride and he moved to Beverly.

    Hills, that is … swimin’ pools … movie stars …

    In tonight’s episode, Ush spots his old friend Justin Bieber out walkin’ with Selena Gomez!

  19. Bob

    Hey baby, you know you want me all up in there! Everybody knows I’m one helluva douche!

  20. It’s not a good look to run away from hot women in tights.

  21. ” Damn, that is a lovely purse. I wonder if Justin would like one in Cerulean…”

  22. The real Beeburr

    That lady’s 14 year old son in just to the left of frame.

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