1. I approve of this

  2. i saw amputee in the thumbnail.

  3. “LOOK AT ME, DAMN IT!! I’M PRETTY TOOO!!!!!!!!!”

  4. anonymous

    At least we all know that she will continue the slut legacy when she comes of age.

  5. Brian

    Was worried she was gonna be the next Khloe. As a sexist, small minded pathetic male chauvinist, I can say that she fits my unrealistic expectations of an acceptable female should look like.

  6. Jimmy

    How old is this girl I just jerked off to?

  7. Fancy Face

    How old is she now? 16? 17?

  8. kafak

    Bruce Jenner must have some sort of redeeming genetic quality if this is what he fathered, compared to the older cows.

  9. Well, umm, ahh, not bad.

  10. Wrynoceros

    So, is this the one with fake boobs or is that the other young one? Not, of course, that any of them HAVE fake boobs, “100% natural”, what was I thinking…

  11. All right, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready to be peed on!

  12. Swearin

    I hope it’s okay to like this pic, I don’t want to have to boobytrap my place Home Alone-style in case Chris Hansen comes by

  13. Gin&Tonic

    She’s got the right idea of taking constant selfies of this point in her life. It’s only a matter of time before she starts balooning out then shoving silicone in various body parts to fool herself into thinking she’s still got a skinny waist just like the rest of the k-klan do.

  14. Aunt Cracker

    She’s a cute girl. It’s a shame she’s never had parents. Her role models are disgusting. She never really stood half a chance.

  15. mikeJ

    i wish you could see more of her armpit

  16. Man, I would totally love to have a shot at that barbecue.

  17. Very nice. I didn’t know she was packing all that heat. People usually only talk about Kendall, but I’m gonna keep my eye on Kylie too.

  18. Nice BBQ. Vain bitch in the way.

  19. Robb7

    This pig-in-training will mature nicely under the watchful eye of her mother.

  20. Martina

    Kanye now knows who his second “wife” will be.

  21. Those sunglasses make her look like a retarded house fly

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