1. GLT

    “Huh. Whadaya know? Smells like teen spirit.”

  2. crb

    “Alright, Papadapoulos, old boy; if you say Maria sat on it, then I am prepared to sniff it. Someone throw Camilla an apple while I’m busy, would you?”

  3. malaka

    the old nose in the book trick.

  4. “Oh my, and look…under the flap for December 22nd…ANOTHER piece of candy!”

  5. “Scratch N’ Sniff virgin Mary…smells like frankincense, no?”

  6. Charles forgot his reading glasses.

  7. Gin&Tonic

    Looking forward to the comments on this one…

  8. “Those pussy Catholics had you smell their finger?”
    “Well, take a whiff of this and guess where it’s been.”

  9. “That’s right… Sniff it… Sniff it you pampered welfare-receiving in-bred poof…”

  10. “Prince, you need to wake up now, you are holding up the line.”

  11. I love the smell of papist in the morning!

  12. ThrewUpInMyMouth

    “Sorry to ask again … but WHY is there semen on the backside of your Bible?”

  13. icu

    Righty ho, dear Chap! It DOES smell like alter boy penis!

  14. Lambros

    We don’t pay our taxes. Whow about you buy our country greece. 2 drahckmhas.

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