1. CrashHell

    I believe we have bush…

  2. malaka

    mugatu is a dick!!
    he brainwashed derek to kill the claymation dude!

  3. Dickbutt Kiss

    I guess this answers the carpet/drapes question.

  4. That guy only had to turn around. He’ll be pissed off when he sees the photo.

  5. Sneaky suspicion this guy is a billionaire.

  6. Ralph

    I suspect he has already seen the bush.

  7. buzz

    Bitch isn’t a natural blonde. That’s for certain.

  8. Gin&Tonic

    Hate to ruin the party and say it but I’m pretty sure that’s just a pattern on sheer panties. Good news is this means the attention-whore shaves.

  9. …and now your suit has Herpes.

  10. I want to bury my face in there.

  11. Woah, this pic is crap, you can hardly see Ewan McGregor in the back.

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