1. moopy

    this dress makes her shape look strange, quite long in the torso, and the bangs make her seem ashamed of her five head. Girl don’t be ashamed. You are Christina Ricci after all.

    • dooood

      one time i went on wikipedia, and i typed in christina ricci. i edited it and put somethin like “christina ricci has an enormous forehead”
      those motherfuckers erased it in like 5 minutes!
      like wtf man?!

  2. I’ve seen her forehead. Those bangs must be 3 feet long.

  3. Uhmmm Angelica Huston miniaturized?

  4. Brit

    She moved right from Wednesday, skipped Saturday night and arrived at Sunday morning.

  5. catapostrophe

    She’s all like, “Um, what? This IS good posture.”

  6. sprub

    That dress… that background… she would chroma key right out !

  7. Jack

    No matter the blue of her dress or the langth of her hair, Christina Ricci will always have my balls.

  8. Willie Dixon

    Did she just walk out of the dressing room in a dress too big?

  9. TobiasFunke

    “Yes, she is the missing Olsen triplet, now put her back in the crypt where you found her.”

  10. Nug

    Are bangs supposed to start from the back of the head?

  11. You’re turning violet, Violet!

  12. The dress is God-awful, but her face and hair look marvy.

  13. chuck

    kill her plastic surgeon

  14. Kim Cattrall looks like hell

  15. I feel like she’s going to jump up on me and beg for a fish.

  16. Barry G

    If only she kept them big titties!

  17. lily

    i think shes beautiful in a non hollywood sense… that angelic face and those big eyes are gorgeous. the dress is terrible and hides her cute figure.

  18. That dress is unfortunate, and she knows it.

  19. frcrkr

    Mistake to get rid of them titties. Fucking Hollywood and their fucking concentration camp look. Not only can they not put out any fucking pictures that wasn’t already out in a foreign language – they are butchering their babes to look like stick figures. Of course, these days, stick figures are about the best they can muster up on the creative scale. Fuck Hollywood.

  20. Sliver

    That hair in conjunction with the dress…bad mojo.

  21. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    Mo-le, mo-le, mo-le…. Mooooooooooole.

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