1. I imagine, if this were video, there’d be a whoopee-cushion sound with every step.

  2. I’m boycotting commenting on this cow. Except for this. Shit.

  3. dude!

    Fish . . .Do you get a kickback for posting pics of this cow and every one of her sisters?? Just wondering.

    • Rooster

      Scroll down to the very bottom of the page. Yeah, all that shit about buzzmedia. Check out those buzz media publishers.

      Those bitches make 2/3′s of their money off being hated.

  4. Man that ass is dropping fast. She is just one vile creature.

  5. Deacon Jones

    That’s the funny thing about ass implants….the same shit happens to them as fake tits – everything goes to hell in a handbasket around them

  6. Mike Hockhurtz

    Her ass looks like a Dr. Seuss character’s.

  7. stacy

    I bet a proctologist would charge her double.

  8. And the trees were like, “Daaaamn that ass is big!”

  9. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    According to Wikipedia whores support each other in families until they find a mate and when they do they bond for life.

    Sorry, whales. It’s whales that do that.

  10. Nothing can kill the Grimace.

  11. Jaycee

    I wouldn’t hit that. Even I have standard, to the shock of all who know me.

  12. cc

    She’d be lost without a fashion outfit familiar with a logarithms.

  13. Brit

    Kim in Beverley Hills, Kim’s ass in West Hollywood.

  14. Cock Dr

    I’d like to see moo cow take on a big black texas longhorn.
    I want to see her talent.

  15. Gravity

    This is not going to end well

  16. Bonky

    Those aren’t butt cheeks. Those are two colostomy bags.

  17. fattymcgee

    That ass looks like two asses fighting under a pair of yoga pants.

  18. Willie Dixon

    This Weeble wobbles and she always goes down.

  19. TobiasFunke

    You’d think the friction would cause an….incident.

  20. AnnaDraconida

    Her legs have a theme song, and it’s All The Heavy Lifting by Mastodon

  21. Buddy the Elf

    What the FUCK does she keep in that Samsonite purse?
    It’s as big as her ass, yet obviously not large enough as she normally still has to keep a free hand to carry her phone.

  22. jeffiner

    she’s got a five course meal hidden in the dimples on her ass/thigh.

  23. Ravi Sethna Ramalamadingdong

    She looks like someone from Housekeeping reporting for her shift.

  24. Engineers the world over have still not solved the puzzle of how those skinny legs support the massive superstructure without collapsing.

  25. journalschism

    Medicine balls on sticks.

  26. Pewpsock

    The rear door is ajar…The rear door is ajar…

  27. Terry

    Her number 2s in the bathroom must be a scary ass event!

  28. Hahaha made myself laugh

    Please! Everyone! Have some respect! This poor woman has psoriasis, a heart breaking skin condition. For the rest of her life she will live with red painful sores all over her body. There is no cure for psoriasis and it gets worse with stress. Please! Give this poor woman a break.

  29. bigalkie

    Russian weightlifter off to squat a thousand pounds.. What a pig!

  30. Look! Her ass is trying to grow it’s own ass. It’s starting to be jealous of itself

  31. Coyote

    My Eyes, My Eyes, so Gross

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