1. Contusion

    She’s entering that phase of plastic surgery where she starts to look like someone else.

  2. One thing is certain – Jim Carrey does love him some big forehead.

  3. Deacon Jones

    You still got it, you crazy bitch.

  4. All I need is “Still Crazy After All These Years” and I’m good to go on this one…

  5. to be honest, she does look like she’d have retarded kids.

  6. I’d vaccinate that.

  7. She looks like silly putty.

  8. cc

    Say one thing for her…she leveraged her looks into a nice chunk of change.

  9. Brit

    I wanted to get a more genuine autistic look out of my latest facelift, for the family resemblance.

  10. Caramel

    She should have stuck to blowjobs.

  11. fattymcgee

    “Dude, your Mom is hot!”
    “I like eggs!”

  12. dontkillthemessenger

    Eh, her forehead is too small. Pass.

  13. Buddy the Elf

    She looks autistic. And old.

  14. Joe

    Isn’t there a vaccine against saggy botox?

  15. Clown Shoes

    “Jim Carey wuz here.”

  16. tlmck

    She needs to call Christie Brinkley’s doctor stat!

  17. Ankle biter

    I would be interested to see her and Jim get together and discuss what went wrong. I bet it was something creepy, like porn.

  18. lily

    i actually dont think she looks that bad, though im not into the bleach blonde look.

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