1. Contusion

    Night of the Living Dead.

  2. Bianca

    I’m not ready for my closeup, Mr. Demille.

  3. “Energize, Mr. Scott.”

  4. dude!

    Damn. Looks like hillary clinton

  5. Deacon Jones

    ….there’s always a Jason Priestly in the background, saying it all with his eyes

  6. George P Burdell

    Cruella de Vil goes undercover and back to high school in 21 Jump Street.

  7. Oh, come now. It’s not nice to make fun of the blind. What, she’s not? Then how do you explain that outfit?

    • Joaquin ingles

      Or the spacey look in her eyes?

    • BE

      As Milan is a fashion center in Europe – I’d expect her to put some effort into her look while she’s there.

      An actual runway model would have a hard time carrying that one off. And – fishnet stockings should only appear in public after a certain age on streetwalkers. No matter how much you paid for the rest of the outfit.

      I see everyone else was distracted by the rest of that traffic accident to even notice the fishnets, huh?

  8. fartbucket

    Well at least her shoes match the bicycles.

  9. Shouldn’t this picture be littered with dalmatians?

  10. Cock Dr

    Well the shoes are…interesting.

  11. cc

    Um, what I said about being the Purple People Eater? I was just kidding.

  12. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Don Provenzano escapes from prison dressed as a woman.

  13. Brit

    I vant to be vanted.

  14. The Walking not-quite-Dead.

  15. Bonky

    The photographer should get an award for exposing the truth.

  16. fattymcgee

    “Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!”

  17. Willie Dixon

    Only seconds before she turned to embers and blew away in a cloud of ash.

  18. AnnaDraconida

    WTF happened to her? It’s like she aged 2 decades in a couple of years.

    • Congratulations on finally coming out of that coma. Here’s what you missed: a presidency was endangered over a few blow jobs, terrorists crashed a few planes into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, we got into a war with Iraq that was supposed to have something to do with that terrorist attack but no not really, and as you may have noticed, there’s a black president now. Welcome back.

    • BE

      Problem is, when you try too hard to look and dress young, it makes you look older because it increases the contrast.

      Plus, her habit of super red lipstick really does her no favors. Real personal style requires knowing when to ignore fashion trends and go with what works.

  19. dontkillthemessenger

    That picture caught the guy as he was about to offer the aged hooker 2 euros for her services.

  20. Jonas Grumby

    Sheesh, I’ve heard of arriving late at the prom, but this is ridiculous . . .

  21. Buddy the Elf

    So Medusa finally saw herself in the mirror, eh?

  22. Brooke

    Though he was tempted by the allures of science, Clayface never touched RenuYou again. But for him, it was already too late…

  23. What gives with the Joker color scheme?

  24. Hey, Sharon, from this vantage point your legs still look pretty good. But all in all, school was dismissed long ago…time to go home.

  25. Ohmigawd!!! I knew it would eventually happen but she’s finally done it. Miss Piggy skinned Kermit and used it to make a new pair of shoes!!!

  26. tootiredforthis

    how many weimaraners went into this coat? best guess gets to see the snatch!

  27. welldoneson

    Shonsky only needs to lose about 30 lbs and work out like a fiend for 2 months.

    it’s just that simple.

  28. marymoe

    those shoes are just loaners, right?

  29. r

    van helsing’s just never around when you need him, lazy fucker.

  30. Nik

    Thats not madonna?

  31. tlmck

    Times must be tough if she’s shopping at Goodwill.

  32. Doyle McPoyle

    The hell kind of GD outfit is this?

  33. I can still see her midriff skin.

  34. Jack Napier

    Wait’ll they get a load o’me

  35. Ell

    She looks like she just crawled out of Madonna’s sarcophagus.

  36. Clown Shoes

    The dead chinchillas were the most objectionable thing in this photograph.

  37. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    Is it Halloween already? I love how she pays attention to detail in this 2012 Pretty Woman outfit! She even has a bruise on the knee to match her ‘I Drug Myself So I Don’t Feel Any Mental Or Physical Pain” face.

  38. Jimmy


  39. Jonesy

    I just punched myself in the face for jerking off to this chick at least 500 times in my youth.

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