1. Pre-season game? Caption should read “David Beckham during every game in Los Angeles.”

  2. It always burns a little after a bikini wax.

  3. The double hander Beck move… This is truly a sight…

  4. They should get him to do one of those pistachio commercials. He loves his nuts! Beckham you old honey badger…get crackin!

  5. cc

    I saw that pic of Posh yesterday, sure, but I can still get some life out of the little feller.

  6. Brit

    ….rearranges sock while distracting onlookers with smile…


    Because Victoria won’t.

  8. Say, Beckham, if you have to fiddle with it all the time, it means you’re taking too much Prelox Blue.

  9. Don’t you get penalized for a hand ball in soccer?

  10. Looks like he’s serious about the upcoming season. He’s using both hands now.

  11. Pewpsock

    “I swear to God I just felt Victoria’s hand on my nuts!!!”

  12. Posh doesn’t grab his nuts enough I see.

  13. And then

    Her Baliff? More like Her… more like Her…. aw fuck it.

  14. lily

    he used to be so sexy in his 20s..before all those hideous tattoos and wrinkles.

  15. LadyLynna

    It’s okay… he’s not touching the balls.

  16. Jimmy

    Stupid smile on my face, check
    Hat that makes even a millionaire like me look homeless, check
    Meaningless tattoos, check
    Staring intently into coach’s eyes, check
    Blueballs, awwww man

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