1. Deacon Jones

    Top half of a goddess……bottom half of a 30 something housewife

  2. cc

    How convenient, me being the Purple People Eater and everything.

  3. Johnson

    Work out everyday of your life or this could be you.

  4. The Brown Streak

    Happy Meals haven’t been the same since the kids learned that Grimace was skinned alive to make clothing for the rich and famous.

  5. fattymcgee

    The nice thing si she has real staying power and won’t be forgoten. Just like what’s-her-face from the SI: Swimsuit Edition 2011 and what’s-her-tits from 2010. But will she be as famous as something-or-other who posed in 2009? And please, no cheating with the Google.

  6. I’m going to have her over to do a swimsuit modelling session at my place. However, I can’t afford to pay her like SI does, so she’ll have to forego the swimsuit part.

  7. Plus One

    She was cute before she starting fucking all these douche bags, now she’s just a whore.

  8. dooood

    too much clothing

  9. Nik

    If she looks 40 at age 18 then I’m scared what she will look like at age 40! And she seems to be getting a bit chubby. Still pretty though.

  10. Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

    ‘Why, yes. This is the ‘Kim Kardashian’ Glute Max Insert’ from Sears.’

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