1. These compression dresses have become the equivalent of putting “I’m a REAL woman” in your online dating profile. When you see it, you know she’s fat.

  2. it had to be said

    Looks like she’s wearing one of Love-Hewitt’s old dresses.

  3. Skye

    That dress needs her more than she needs it.

  4. cc

    Do those bands separate so you can do sort you can spin her out of that dress and leave her so dizzy she doesn’t know what depraved thing you are going to do next? That would be awesome.

  5. Alitax

    Compression dresses don’t allow you to hide much of anything. Put a fat chick in one and it may blend some of the fat folds together, but you’ll still have awkward lumps.

  6. LegMan

    Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

  7. fattymcgee

    When they’re on the girl, they’re called “compression dresses”. When they’re on the floor and you see what they’ve been hiding, they’re called “Depression dresses”.

  8. dontkillthemessenger

    Rumor Willis looked like a disaster in a bandage dress… so it’s safe to say they aren’t miracle workers.

  9. dooood

    imo, thank goodness for cute borderline chubby chicks

  10. Dream Pizza

    Ahh, my new favorite porn star.

  11. CranAppleSnapple

    How did she manage to hold J.Lo.Hew still enough, in order to tear off her fave bandage dress?
    I’ll bet it’s moist.

  12. Sliver

    Ok, I am a straight female, and still think she definitely has nice tits. (I followed Anon’s google link. )

  13. gigi

    frigging Herve Leger… fooling men for decades! lol

  14. Debutante

    These dresses have made Leger a fortune !!

    They’re flattering on most women. What do men wear that’s universally flattering on them?

    A tuxedo, maybe?

  15. Debutante

    Oh I KNOW !! A Fat wallet ! LOL

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