1. B&WMinstrel

    I’ve seen it a hundred times and I’m still surprised when they move.

  2. “Hey buddy … buddy! Do you know what time it is? I lost my … uh … clock.”

  3. ThisWillHurt

    I think Jack Harkness has spent too much time near the rift.

  4. schmidtler

    Flav wasn’t there for the walk of fame thing, it just happened to be the part of the sidewalk he was sleeping on when they had to wake him up to move.

  5. He looks like he’s travelled back through time to warn us of the future apocalypse unleashed by Lindsay Lohan winning $1 billion in the Lotto.

  6. Is he trying to blend into the landscape?

  7. Brit

    It finally had to happen…he ran out of time

  8. Sure that is Flava Flavor just any random homeless black man?

  9. Hooking up with Brigitte Nelson in the park a bit later . . .

  10. King of the hobo matrix.

  11. This is exactly how I expected him to look at this stage of his ‘career.’

  12. VisitorQ

    “I’ll suck your dick for a cheeseburger!”

  13. tlmck

    Good to see he cleaned his place up for the photoshoot.

  14. CrashHell

    “Do you know someone named T-bird? He had a friend who shouldn’t have played with knives. Like the coat?”

  15. Go ahead and turn around for me. Do you have anything on you should I know about?

  16. corkyst.clair

    Since when did they start having Walk of Fame ceremonies in crack dens?

  17. lawn

    I thought he was in jail.

  18. parkchan

    homie homeless

  19. oldfool

    Ashy Larry’s ashier brother.

  20. I’ve seen guys who look like they’ve smoked a rock or two, but this is the first guy I’ve ever seen who looks like he just smoked Mount Rushmore.

  21. Homeless superhero.

  22. No, goddamn it, i don’t have any spare change!

  23. bitchy

    This dude has always been a crackhead.

  24. Modeling Russell Brand’s “Soul” collection.

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