1. Correction: Seen here demonstrating how to get a job at Disney as a child.

  2. Insert food here.

  3. Ok, you’re right, it will fit. Watch the teeth though.

  4. ThisWillHurt

    In her first attempt at stand-up comedy, Demi Lovato introduced her routine about Lindsay Lohan’s new job.

  5. Dinkle

    The spring line of the Demi Lovato blow up dolls.

  6. Miss Ricci has me confused. First she was hot then not. Big boobies, small boobies. I don’t know what to think.

    • Ricci is always hot. She had huge tits, but got them reduced (which should be classified as a crime against humanity btw) because they were causing her back problems.

      Watch her topless scene in “Prozac Nation” to relive her former big tit glory.

  7. tidbit

    I’m just going to recycle all my Justin Beiber/Usher jokes here.

  8. Cock Dr

    Thunderous thighs need a lot of nutrients to maintain them.

  9. SIN

    Hey Demi…Show us your Kim Kartrashian pose.

  10. It takes a certain skill to rise to the top at Disney and it’s not singing.

  11. How she got ahead in Hollywood because the bitch has no talent.

  12. blah blah blah Black Microphone blah blah blah Adam Sandler

  13. that is performing all right

  14. broduh jenner

    looks like she too is auditioning for splash

  15. CK

    “Performing” what? Felatio?

  16. Sure did beat that eating disorder.

  17. stucco

    Seen here attempting to vacuum the food from the hands of the audience.

  18. Someone needs to lay off the Fritos.

  19. Are we waiting for the food to go in or out?

  20. icu

    like a hot dog down a hallway

  21. Swearin

    Valderama is exposing himself across the street, isn’t he?

  22. Now that’s how you do the ‘O’ face!

  23. cookie


  24. Nice jacket. She must be punk as f*ck. Let’s hope she has about the same relative lifespan as Sid Vicious.

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