1. That kid is going to be reliving this moment for years. In fact his left hand suggests he’s starting to relive it already.

    • Dick Hell

      Seriously, he’s never going to have another moment like this, grab a boob or something …no, not your own!

  2. He’s kinda splotchy.

  3. OK enough already.
    Fatty should have to pay his dues and spend a night on the casting couch with Lohan before any more of this outrage continues.

  4. USDA Prime McBeef

    I’m predicting an Abreva shortage in the next couple weeks.

  5. Why the fuck would she touch him, he does not even deserve to be within 100 yards of her.

  6. Mohawk Disco

    Why do this to him? It will be a rude awakening when he realizes they were just using him for popularity and in reality no woman would go near him.

    • If he owns a mirror and any kind of objectivity, he knows that already.

    • Yeah, the poor bastard. when this is all over, all he’ll have left is piles of money and the knowledge of having made out with a chick way out of his league. They’re truly monsters.

      • Inner Retard

        McFeely, I don’t know where people get the idea that anyone involved in the media makes piles of money. It’s only the top 0.1% who make the millions. The rest make very little. That is not to say if he lands a successful series he can’t make big money.

      • So he first gets a nice smooch from Bar Refaeli in that ridiculous commercial. Now it’s Maria Menounos. Next thing you know they’re gonna make Baby Huey here bang Elisha Cuthbert. Then they pay the bastard. Good work if you can get it.

  7. “Alright. Hands in your pocket. And if I feel a bulge down there, I’m going to knee you in the balls.”
    “Did you get it? Is it over? Get the fuck away from me. Where’s the mouthwash?”

  8. First Bar and now her? Lucky. Little. Fucker.

  9. Wait, she’s the one who kept her eyes open during this kiss??

  10. Later

    He was in “Old School”, i knew i saw this fucker before, he was in a commercial with Vince Vaughn character..

  11. Kermit the Frog

    I hate Maria.

  12. Relax angry nerds, he’s an actor that’s been playing geek roles for years.

  13. The Old Man

    This guy is a pretty busy actor. He was a regular extra in “Chuck”, “Big Bang Theory” and several other shows. It’s quite possible that he’s getting more action than I am (not a very high bar, I realize).

  14. She is getting way too much attention for having nothing or little to offer.

  15. anonymous

    Absolutely love that guy’s show with the talking dog and the kid with the football shaped head.

  16. Arzach

    “Hand in the pocket” is the new “hover hand”

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