1. Tattoo artists’ wet dream.

  2. FattyFatty2X4

    Who ordered the Beluga?

  3. ThisWillHurt

    For Louis Anderson’s sake, the producers of “Splash” made certain that no Japanese fisherman were aware of his presence.

  4. Heeziefosheezie

    Call me Ishmael.

  5. I like Louie Anderson a lot, but for the sake of his health, I wish he’d lose a bit of weight.

  6. tidbit

    Hey, Photoboy – What the hell do you have against us readers?

  7. Cock Dr

    He’s a comedian so it’s allowed.

  8. Sweet – a new Jonah Hill flick ?

  9. The glare coming off of his back downed 3 commercial airliners.

  10. so does he bleach his hair because it makes him look hotter?

  11. Bob

    My money’s on Louie winning the competition. Seriously, who’s gonna make a bigger splash than this guy when he cannonballs?

    What do you mean that’s not the point of the show?

  12. Chaz’s transformation is finally complete.

  13. Why do I seriously doubt he’s going to perform any maneuver that could remotely be called “diving”

  14. I swear I saw this in a cartoon once


    I feel so sorry for the lining in those swimming trunks

  16. I would carry guns and machetes in my folds all the time. Just in case.

  17. Caroline

    Oh dear god.

  18. At least he’s doing something active.

  19. SenorGreenie

    Good choice in swim trunks…stripes are slimming

  20. Alex

    Someone needs to tell Louis that the sun is free.

    • Until Obama taxes it.

      • The Rain in Spain

        The new catch phrase sweeping the nation: OBAMA’S FAULT. My girlfriend left me. OBAMA’S FAULT. I got bad breath. OBAMA’S FAULT. Ted Nugent molested my underage daughter, fucked my dog, then shot it. OBAMA’S FAULT.

      • Ugh

        It would be funny if this actually made sense. Did you know that taxes are their lowest since the 50s? Of course you didn’t. If taxes were higher, then your joke would at least have the potential to be funny. But you even missed the “potential” mark.

  21. corkyst.clair

    I don’t know if he’ll sink like a rock or float like a ice chest?

  22. Dick Hell

    Shame. Get some.

  23. glam

    Isn’t he from Minnesota? He pretty much looks like any late middle aged guy around here.

  24. lawn

    Anyone who looks like that should have died ten years ago.

  25. sc4play

    A couple thoughts: 1. Just say Hell No to crack, Louie! 2. For the love of all things holy, pull your pants up son! 3. Probably take half an hour to undo THAT wedgie! Yikes!

  26. villenuv27

    Papa eat now!

  27. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    You kow what they say about men with big feet? They got no asses.

  28. Dude. No. Just NO. OK. Lose, tan, still be funny. OK? Thanks.

  29. Not pictured: Ahab.

  30. I thought Grimace was purple.

  31. Skeezix

    “Forget your wimpy ‘cannonballs’, bitches, my splash is a fucking DAISY CUTTER!”

  32. Kurt Barlow

    Gonna cost them a fortune to refill the pool after every one of his dives.

  33. Wow. Thought it was a picture of Rosie O’Donnel.

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