1. Cock Dr

    Beauty & the beast.

  2. Great hair color Nic, totally natural.

  3. Buddy The Elf

    I thought this was a photo call for “Face Off 2″, and he was modeling Travoltas head.

  4. Emma Stone makes me happy and sad at the same time. She has replaced two actresses I liked and hoped would become more popular. She got the lead in “Easy A” which imo should’ve been Amanda Bynes, Amanda stole the show as the antagonist though.

    She also took Lindsay Lohan’s place as Hollywood’s favourite sometimes redhead. I’m glad for that because Lindsay’s a fuck up. She’s had enough chances.

    • Not to mention she’s nowhere near as hot as those hags used to be

    • Mike

      That’s heartbreaking, because Amanda Bynes was so fucking talented. And I had a crush on her since I was a kid. Fuck is going on? If Jennifer Lawrence or Emma Stone gets a drug addiction, then I’m gonna watch a marathon of “Hannah Montana” to fuel my hate for myself. LOL!

  5. Sorry Nic Cage, she’s not Lohan. This one only puts out for British dudes in tights.

  6. chicka

    look kids, he’s wearing Travolta’s hair on his chin!

  7. CK

    They’re doing a movie about the merging of the Crypts and Bloods gangs? And Nicolas Cage is in it!!! (high-pitched squeal) “Awesome!”

  8. Stranger danger!!!!


  10. corkyst.clair

    I’d bet the farm Nick’s a cowering ombrophobic!

  11. “You just smile and look pretty for the camera. I’ll keep an eye out for Jim Carrey.”

  12. I thought these were wax figures

  13. Of course, Emma is a darling as ever, and Nick Cage, all things considered, isn’t looking too terribly bad, even wearing a hair-hat and without his pitchfork.

  14. Melllllzy

    I heard Berling is lovely this time of year.

  15. mark

    Nic’s cool, lots of morons on this thread. Dopes.

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