1. B&WMinstrel

    Miss Rafaeli,

    Is picture after proving Poincare Conjecture.
    You and me should integrate together !
    (The sex parts.)
    (By havink sex.)

    - Grigori

  2. DeucePickle

    Excuse me Mr. Sarsgaard, could you draw a blue vagina by Jeremy Renner’s mouth here so that he seems less douchy and I don’t feel so ashamed about being a fan of his?

  3. Thanks for the pic. Now I’ll be hearing “A Fiddler on the Roof” in my head all day.

  4. I had to stare at this pic for a few minutes and train my eyes NOT to see a dreadlock beard.

  5. Fucking Maggie Gyllenhaal? I’d be smiling too.

  6. Obviously the black sheep of the family. Or possibly adopted

  7. I’m getting a Rasputin or a Nikola Tesla vibe. Totally setting off my Russion weirdo radar. I have that.

  8. Jerkface

    You gotta give the man credit if he can convince George Lucas to lend him his waddle.

  9. corkyst.clair

    Now whenever the guy he’s staring at hears a clapping sound, he clucks like a chickken.

  10. I haven’t been this skeeved out since I saw his junk in Kinsey.

  11. He was awesome on Survivor.

  12. Swearin

    “Write me out one of your spells, meth wizard!”

  13. Helena Handbasket

    He seems like such a dirty bird: bukake, bondage, rusty trombones, cleveland steamers, abe lincolns, strawberry shortcakes, pussy pops, angry pirates …

    That twinkle in his eye tells me that he does all that and more.

  14. tonythepunk

    Joaquin phoenix cleaning up!

  15. Why is he signing pics of Keifer Sutherland?

  16. bitchy

    This dude looks like a rapist.

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