1. meeps!

    1986 Playduck Magazine centerfold…

  2. DeucePickle

    Everything in this picture is a lie.

  3. alex

    LOL more of the same….Here’s someone at an event…here’s someone at a different event….here’s some softcore porn that this person posted of herself.

    If we ignore it, it might go away.

  4. Just become a pornstar already. It’s where all of this is going anyway.

  5. corkyst.clair

    Surprizingly her husband’s the grossest thing about her. He’s the same exact cocksucker in real life that he was in The Green Mile. Is a minute amount of fame worth mating with that creaton?

  6. I wish she’d quit wearing those oversized scoop+pushup bras and show her tight boobies and body as she is naturally young and beautiful.

  7. lawn

    I hope she gets hit by a Russian meteor.

  8. Martina

    wow, is this from her sweet sixteen party?

  9. XTC

    If you pull back on this photo, or unfocus your eyes – it looks like a giant penis. Not gay. (or at least not since my trip to Vegas last year).

  10. observant

    The thumbnail for this looks like a cartoon dick and balls.

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