1. Quasi

    He reminds me of the old school Broadway divas that call themselves “Thesbians” on purpose…

  2. Schmidtler

    I thought Liberace was dead?

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Does Photo Boy sit around looking for the gayest pictures of Jeremy Renner to post?

    Oh, these are the remaining ones after the really gay one have been taken out.

  4. he should use a little lip color for balance and to keep his eye liner from overwhelming his face.

  5. On a sad note, the movie had already been pulled from all theaters by the end of the premiere.

  6. Bad ass, but yet so fruity.

  7. corkyst.clair

    Good to see Bump-Its aren’t just for the ladies.

  8. Geez, he has super long fingers.

  9. “Has anyone got a match? The crematorium pilot light seems to have gone out…”

  10. Gayest midget in all the land.

  11. He’s obviously the model for the troll dolls with the crazy-ass neon fuzzy hair.

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