1. Ruckus

    This is just going to sparkle on their resumes.

  2. Not going to lie they could twerk those asses on me anytime they want…

  3. crb

    Criticize the song all you want, but taint-stickers and spray-painted nekkit alien ladybutts will forgive an awful lot of sins.

    Happy V-Day,


  4. CK

    More like “in-front-of”, no?

  5. There will be a few screams when all that tape comes off.

  6. cmonreally

    Not on the behind the scenes footage:

    1) The one in the middle drowning her sorrows in a vat of vodka and crying before having to go back on set
    2) The one on the left hanging herself in the changing room after filming wrapped, so that she could preemptively escape the embarrassment of being in a Billy Ray Cyrus video
    3) The one on the right turning out just fine because she’s stupid enough to think this will launch her career

  7. buzz

    Fergie on the left is wondering if anyone might actually recognize her while Ariana Grande on the right give zero fucks at it.

  8. Dox

    I can already hear that conversation…

    “Mommy, where you a butt twerk alien?”

  9. West

    New technology is so fascinating. I have no idea how those outfits stay on, maybe there made out of Duct tape?

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