1. Minky Wail

    “Blimey, looks quite like the blighter I bagged in the Punjab.”

  2. crb

    What dafuq happened to the hot chick from “Shooter”?

    • buzz

      She got pissed off in Lindsey Lohan proportions because everyone, even craft services, kept referring to her as Hot Ginger and dyed her hair to become an average blonde chick.

  3. Macattack

    It’s crazy she dies in the first episode

  4. Is the Mara family allergic to smiling?

  5. Awful picture of her.

  6. I know she’s a pretty girl, but that hideous dress is sucking the hotness right out of her. I can barely maintain an erection at this point.

  7. newyearszombiebaby

    Totally holding in a fart.

  8. That is an unfortunate dress.

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