1. Lord Helmet

    Man, Alec doesn’t waste time. That baby already looks traumatized.

  2. MarketingMike

    Now that she has 18 years of guaranteed 5 figure income,
    we’ll probably never see her and Alec together again.
    My prediction, she’s single again by Christmas.

  3. I don’t understand why you would bring a baby to a fashion show. Wth?

    • People who drag their brats to concerts, bars, expensive restaurants, fashion shows, and other places young kids have no business being at are why the ‘no kids allowed’ movement is booming. If some of these jackasses would exercise some common sense for once, outright bans wouldn’t be necessary.

  4. “You want me to hold sunglasses for crack money?”
    “No, that’s okay. I really need to breastfeed my daughter,”
    “You want me to breastfeed baby for crack money?”
    “Please go away.”

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