1. Cock Dr

    She looks pretty good.
    That’s probably a whole body girdle dress. They can do amazing things.

  2. JESUS, SHE’S HUGE! Oh wait, that’s just a model of the Empire State Building.

  3. Suddenly, the bright flashbulbs of the paparazzi sent Mariah into a frenzy. She began to climb the building, clutching a scared Nick Cannon in her hand.

  4. crb

    -DO NOT care if it’s before Labor Day; Mariah Carey wearing white is just a little bit fu**ing disingenuous; -rich, even.

  5. Gin&Tonic

    Nope, not dressed like an attention whore at all…

  6. gary coleman's ghost

    Something tells me she’s been taking those crazy pills again. Just a hunch.

    • buzz

      Nick Cannon will be there to help you out with fluffer services or to massage your asscheeks so you don’t pull a hammie.

  7. The puppeteer in charge of Mariah’s left eye is not pulling his weight.

  8. did that cow Mariah and her bitch Nick Cannon trawl this site and thumbs down the comments?

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