1. dennis

    I wonder how many instructors he blew to get that belt.

  2. “Yes, Mr Kutcher. You give us 1 million and you get this little piece of paper…”
    “Let’s see Sheen threaten me now…”

  3. MarketingMike

    Only 67 more levels till Black Belt.

  4. crb

    Congratulations. Now Renzo Gracie will spit in your face.

  5. Isn’t that cute. He has a blue belt in Korean ballet.

  6. That must be an incredibly popular Jujitsu school. People must be lining up for the opportunity to kick him in the face.

  7. Beer Baron

    Pretty cool that Manny Ramirez is his instructor.

  8. CK

    Black Belt to the first guy to knock his ass out. Permanently.

  9. Congrats. I didn’t know he practiced.

  10. Well, you do have to give the poor asshole some credit. He could have easily been satisfied with just his black douche-belt.

  11. mirv

    Love to see him dp-ed by two huge African American fellows – just brutalized.

    One can always hope.

  12. “Attaining the blue belt means I get to meet the Jews that run Jitsu, right guys?”

  13. Aunt Cracker

    If Charlie Sheen’s gonna get him ,Charlie Sheen’s gonna get him. Shitty blue belt or not.

  14. Dox

    Just wait till Daniel-San finds out the Kobra Kai’s have a new front man.

  15. “Mr. Sheen was waiting to fight you after class, but I think he was to coked up to remember why he was here,crapped in your gym bag and passed out. “

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