1. It’s the **Kate Beckinsale** Yoga Fundraiser and you post Pink!?

  2. She looks far more threatening than Kutcher, even with his blue belt.

    • Satan's Right Hand

      Blue belt is right after White belt. I would put money on PINK to beat the daylights out of him

  3. It’s the FUCKIN Kate Beckinsale Yoga Fundraiser .

  4. pink is the most irritating and bad-looking ‘woman’ on the planet, in every way. Other than that it’s quite attractive.

  5. Gin&Tonic

    What’s with these fucking idiots always wearing beanies with shorts sleeves in the freakin’ La sun? Die hipsters die!

  6. Pink looks like you took Kate Gosselin’s face and put it on a mans body.

  7. Crouching singer, Hidden ball sack.

  8. Allion

    Is she a midget?

  9. olivertwist

    “Holy Jesus, will you look at the butt on that?!”
    “Yeah, he must work out”

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