1. SSHGuru

    You cannot convince me that at some time that wasn’t a dude.

  2. Now THIS is a tranny…

  3. Anna

    THERE’S Khloe Kardashian’s real father!

  4. Splat

    Jocelyn Wildenstein having a good hair day.

  5. The Pope

    Dammit, the thumbnail made me think it was Kate Beckinsale!

  6. Linda Evans has a brother?

  7. Claude

    Doctor Antons Laboratory experiment is lose and it’s living in Beverly Hills

  8. Bonky

    12 coats of varnish and that bitch can still manage to smile. Now that’s talent.

  9. Ok creationists…have your god explain THIS!

  10. hbw

    If you scroll down to this comment, you’ve finally found the spot where she looks good.

  11. She cleaned up well after the Pebble Beach Pro Am Golf tournament .

  12. lily

    what is this tranny?

  13. Warren Piece


  14. Chucky D

    Shit! The Joker has a daughter?


    Was this a drag show?

  16. Clown Shoes

    Eww. There wasn’t a back entrance?

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