1. Johnny P!

    They have garden gnomes on golf courses? Cool!

  2. Nice dog leg

  3. Little did Fergie know that she had just given herself away by not driving from the red tees.

  4. ACA

    Pebble Beach Pro Am in Los Angeles?

  5. Just what women’s golf needed to dump that whole masculine stereotype – a penis.

  6. Bonky

    Why ? Is she the official ball washer ?

  7. hbw

    Of course she attends a sport that has a club and balls. What did you expect?

  8. skidmark

    Still working on that feminine walk, I see. someday Fergie, you’ll have us all convinced. someday…

  9. Jill

    Finally tired of all the drag queen jokes, Fergie decided to go to the one place where she would look feminine.

  10. So if she doesn’t get the ball past the red tees on her drive, does she have to walk the rest of the course with her dick hanging out?

  11. lori

    She walks like a guy. Gross. And The Blackeyed Peas SUCK!!! The only people who like them are old people who want to look cool and don’t know anything about real music.

  12. Thought this was a picture of Bowie, circa 1970.

  13. She’s got to keep an eye on her man. Pebble Beach is six hours NORTH of Los Angeles. Josh=douche.

  14. Disgusted

    Pebble beach is in Carmel imbeciles. That would be like saying she was at the Liberty Bell in Pittsburgh fish you Pennsylvania dumb ass!

  15. Warren Piece

    That caddy is carrying one small golf bag.

  16. Warren Piece

    Easily getting by the Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden rule.

  17. Chucky D

    Y’all are too hard on this chick. She looks great in this pic.

  18. Bigalkie

    I hate to say it but.. ” I’d take the one on the left.. by a mile”

  19. Clown Shoes

    “Clearly disappointed that it wasn’t the LPGA, Fergie puts on a brave smile.”

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