1. Johnny P!

    This is a ‘Shake Weight’, right?

  2. She’s trying to outdo Kim Kardashian… Silly Toni…

  3. You can tell she dates white guys.

  4. Redundnat

    Not pictured.. Oh wait, it is.

  5. Stan

    Snooki just needs to keep her mouth shut

  6. Bonky

    So I guess the good people at Mercedes-Benz think that Toni Braxton is “hip and now” and all the kids are “digging her music” ?

  7. Awe…look who wants to be a Kardashian.

  8. hbw

    She’s not “Tebowing”, she’s “Kardashianing”.

  9. CK

    Something’s not right here, but I just can’t put my mouth on it…

  10. skidmark

    I figure the longer I keep my mouth like this, the more I can eat

  11. The Brown Streak

    Glad to see someone show LeAnn how eating works.

  12. GuyLeDouche

    Black microphone…works every time.

  13. Warren Piece

    “Are freaking kidding me? The other one burst?”

  14. Tiffanany

    Hey everyone… remember I used to be relevant?

  15. bigalkie

    Shame.. She used to be so hot

  16. coffee

    I see she thinks i AM man enough for her

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