1. Nice tit veins

  2. eww

    This would be so much hotter if her skin was the color of her dress and her dress was the color of her skin. And if it wasn’t Aubrey O’Day.

  3. hbw

    This pic would be so much funnier if she was standing 6 inches to the right.

  4. Runner up Mariah Carey. Which isn’t saying much.

  5. Blech

    No. Not even from afar… Oh, dear.

  6. You just know that when she takes off that dress, her tits will return to their natural position; hanging from her armpits.

  7. Jimmy

    Really, your ass need to hind indoors!!!
    Please do us all this favor!!!

  8. Pip pip cheery-o

    Her left implant is attempting to inch north in order to hide under her hair. I wouldn’t want to be seen near this train wreck, either.

  9. coffee

    needs more distance and a 12pack

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