1. Johnny P!

    Photog: “So, whaddya think about Samantha?”
    Mark *** wills himself back to the 80′s, when it was ‘safe’ ***

  2. Colin

    I didn’t know Samantha Ronson was a drag king.

  3. Nice hair, Fonzi.

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Even the little eyes on it are perfect. Do they use a microscope?

  5. Must fly a blimp for a living.

  6. Bonky

    I guess he didn’t have a mirror to look into because if he did he would have shot himself in the head before walking out onto the red carpet looking like that.

  7. Cock Dr

    I’m thinking this man is homosexual…….because straight men don’t go out looking like this.
    Do they?

    • Trek Girl

      Some do, and Mark Ronson is one of them. According to what I’ve read about him, he is not gay; in fact, his ex-fiancee is Rashida Jones.

      • Jam

        I’m glad Rashida came to her sense, though. I’m actually almost 100% convinced that Ronson dated her so he could sleaze himself into Quincy Jones’ inner circle.

        In ALL interviews Ronson comes off as a conceited douche hipster.

  8. Schweddy Schnatch


  9. The Brown Streak

    Don’t let the background fool you. He’s only 6 inches tall.

  10. Mark, you’re a hell of a DJ and producer, but for god’s sake, hire a stylist and let them do their job.

  11. BE

    Where to start?

    It’s not “couture” if it doesn’t fit. Lay off the Cheetos if you want to wear an old suit
    The suit – I wish the problem was just the fit. What idiot “designer” chose to meld 50′s sharkskin with 80′s military in cadet blue and saw this idiot coming? (Ugly is not a synonym for fashion forward.)
    And finally, Adam Lambert should NOT EVER be a fashion and hairstyle example for a supposedly straight man (or as matter of fact a gay man either.)

  12. GuyLeDouche

    Is there an Eraserhead remake in the works? Does David Lynch know about this?

  13. Blech


  14. tlmck

    Auditioning for number 2 1/2 in the next Austin Powers Flick.

  15. Warren Piece

    Forget “Yo Mamma’s SO fat jokes.” Now we can start “Yo Mamma’s cervix is So long…”


  16. bigalkie

    Disturbing.. Clearly delusional. Very exaggerated sense of self. Outside of the bulging stomach, he looks diminutive. Gross

  17. Mark Ronson, love the music. I wish you would do your own music videos. For that matter I wish you would stop leading on the person who put this together for you and fire them.

  18. Instrumurmur

    Any particular reason he wore his cosplay of Phoenix Wright?

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