1. SSHGuru

    She accidentally inhaled a bug – which will make her fat.

  2. Pewpsock

    DEAR GOD!!! That oral surgery didn’t go well…

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    The side of her mouth is trying to eat itself for nourishment.

  4. Relax LeAnn, That over there is called a sss..say it with me.. ssssannnddwhich.

  5. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Her mouth knows there’s a bun around here somewhere

  6. Liz

    She just saw Jennifer Love Hewitt.

  7. She’s getting smarter. Now she carries a spare implant on her head, just in case her body absorbs one.

  8. Mike701

    Another publicist fired for forgetting to remove all mirrors from Leann’s line of sight.

  9. Time

    2 more years and it all falls apart.

  10. vgirl

    “I need to suck in my neck for the photos!”

  11. Jill

    That is one ugly bitch!

  12. Bonky

    Does anybody know what look she is going for ? Fat, then scary skinny, then beach sexy, then matronly. Seriously, what is going on ?

  13. jeffiner

    funny. this is also the face i make when i see pictures of her.

  14. Schweddy Schnatch

    Those earrings must be heavier than they look.

  15. Invisible bridle.

  16. The Brown Streak

    Mecharimes vs. Mechastreisand

  17. Nice to see the Sleestak come out of the cave once in a while.

  18. coyote

    Oh my God, Is that a Mirror

  19. popGeezer

    this hair bun is tight, yo!

  20. GuyLeDouche

    Should have gone with Poligrip…

  21. Blech

    Not Jessica Alba.

  22. “Oh-my-gawd!!! That curried pea I had for dinner is about to explode out my ass!!!”

  23. Disgusted

    These comments are the worst of any site. Big yawns and sighs. A bunch of dumb low class illiterates cackling about comments so juvenile and stupid it could be a transcript from a special ed class.

    • disgustedII

      Right, because special ed jokes such as yours, are in no way dumb, low class illiterate and not to mention extremely insensitive. Get off your high horse sir, or at the very least off this site!

  24. Jimmy

    Oh I cant believe the taste of sperm is still in my mouth!!!
    But I’m a whore so give me more!

  25. lily


  26. Warren Piece

    Hopelessly addicted to plastic surgery, Lee Ann heads out too soon after having a back-lift.

  27. Warren Piece

    “No coppah, thersh no criminalsh here sheee! Now gettouta heah before I shoot you with my tommy gun, sheee?”

  28. Mando

    Fried Chicken? How repellent

  29. chris breezy boxing academy

    she looks like the sister in pet sematary

  30. Bigalkie

    Mentally ill… This idiot would show up at the opening of a bag of chips if there were cameras.

  31. Sliver

    She looks better than usual. Ahem.

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