1. Yep, still pregnant.
    These have got to be from the laziest photogs in LA.

  2. This is the same picture every day. Somebody in the photo department is phoning it in.

  3. Lisa

    I didn’t want to fuck pregnant chicks until I saw Hillary Duff.

  4. Jen

    Seems like she’s been pregnant for 3 years

  5. Bonky

    No, I don’t know when this damn thing is gonna to come out. The doctor told me it was gonna be last summer or spring or something. All I know is that it really is a baby and not just fat, so it’s gonna come out at some point, so just stop bugging me and I’ll let you guys know, okay ?

  6. Say what you will about paparazzi, but that photographer had a LOT of balls stepping out in front of that kind of momentum coming downhill at him.

  7. lawn

    Wow, she sure is riding high.

  8. cc

    She looks 10x more masculine than Russell Brand did in the previous pic.

  9. The Brown Streak

    She already had her kid. That’s just one giant puss filled pimple. I dare you to squeeze it.

  10. That scarf makes her look fat.

  11. Jill

    Nice facial expression. Is the paparazzi proposing?

  12. dooood

    big as a house. wonder if she’ll ever get back her sexy rectangle shaped figure

  13. Kenny

    Woah HOT MAMA., MILF alert! her hubby lucked out as hell.

  14. lily

    cute….i dont like short stocky bodies like hers (referring to her pre pregnancy body) but i always found her adorable. and her face is lovely. pregnancy suits her, shes glowing

  15. Margarita

    She’s pregnant 9 month because she’s not beyonce

  16. sid

    her breasts are biigger and better

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