1. When did she start dating the dude from The Big Bang Theory?

  2. bbiowa

    Dude has a steelie. Harder than a woody.

  3. Meg

    that is not cash warren. that may not even be jessica alba

  4. “relax honey, we don’t need your coupons.”

  5. Bonky

    If she could be this dramatic in her acting career maybe she would win a couple of awards or something.

  6. Juaquin ingles

    I’m pretty sure this is Jennifer Love Hewitt and some random shopping for wedding rings.

  7. The Brown Streak

    Jane Carey even gets to cut in line at the DMV…what the fuck?

  8. When she orders, he looks at her ass, then her face, then back to her ass, and then back to her face. He then makes a mental note.

  9. Jill

    Ah, the moment when you realize you a fucking movie star but married a loser and are now eating at a restaurant with “fat” in the name because you decided to let him pay for once. Sad day.

  10. House of Lize

    No soup for you!

  11. LillySawko

    Man…J-Lo’s ass really does look smaller when she’s dating giant douchebags.

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