1. Pewpsock

    DUDE! Real men don’t Duck Lips!!! Jeezus!

  2. Johnny P!

    “Yeah, people remember… they remember…”

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    He’s taking a pic with his friend Carlos Mencia.

  4. If I had a super cool leather shirt jacket WITH SNAPS, I’d look smug too.

  5. Cold Stool

    And you are?

  6. Blatant Foul

    The guy is giving back his Joe Dirt DVD.

  7. He learned everything he knows about posing from Snookie.

  8. The Brown Streak

    Even Saddam Hussein thinks David Spade is a douche. That has to say something.

  9. Does he not know that Blue Ivy is trademarked already?

  10. dooood


    he’s so hot right now!

  11. John Paul

    That is an actual Leather Denim Sky Blue Grey Jacket. Holy hell.

  12. GuyLeDouche

    I believe in calling a spade a spade, but you, little fella, you are a trowel.

  13. tlmck

    How much is he paying these people to take his autograph?

    • Jam

      The worrying part is though, that it’s a GUY asking for David Spade’s autograph. Who, while signing, looks like the Zoolander guy.

  14. E. Fudd


  15. Warren Piece

    “To my adoring 1%. Signed…. Anonymous.”

    We’ll see who gets that.

  16. Tiffanany

    Nothing worse than seeing a burnt out comedian doing duck lips…

  17. Rose

    He totally rocks! Nay to you haters…the dude is uber-talented, and has such a hold on his masculinity that he can do whatever he wants. You are just jealous, AND YOU KNOW IT, but won’t admit it.

  18. AteIsEnough

    I watched him on Letterman. He used to be funny. I guess after having other people write your shit for you, it goes away.

  19. King Diamond

    Hansel… he’s so hot right now… Hansel

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