1. I’m not sure if he is reacting to Susan Boyle or Bruno Tonioli.

  2. catapostrophe

    “You people actually came to see this?”

  3. “I know! I can’t believe I still have a career either!”

  4. When I was in the Army, one of the off base bars we used to go to one night had a sign up that said “Tonight: Donny Osmond! $5 cover charge”.

    It was a $5 cover charge every night.

  5. B&WMinstrel

    And you keep the Partridge Family for yourselves. Fuck You America!

  6. contusion

    Guy looks pretty good for 87.

  7. Moroni the Musical?

  8. “What the heck, guys. I thought you Irish would appreciate my singing ‘Oh, Donny Boy’.”

  9. Chandler Bing can Sing!

  10. Taken seconds before he heard Susan Boyle say “Catch me Donny!”

  11. “And the moment Marie goes off Nutrisystem, she’s not a little bit country…she’s a whole effing continent!”

  12. Bouncy Castle

    I still would.

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