1. Why did the blonde have a sore belly button? Her bofriend was blond also.

  2. “Don’t I have such a cute little baby bump? I’m only 5 days pregnant, but I already have a name picked out.”

  3. FattyFatty2X4

    Clever spot to carry your I-Pad mini

  4. She’s hotter than that lousy dress gives her credit for.

  5. Her face looks a little like Tila Tequila..hey, anyone remember Tila Tequila? I don’t.

  6. Cock Dr

    Most women I know would have their roots touched up before an event where they were sure to be photographed.

  7. Jack Ketch

    Too much plastic tit in this picture. She is not overly blessed in the chin department, either. Maybe she and Rumer Willis could commiserate over a beer sometime.

  8. Tinka

    WHAT is that thing on her stomach? That’s disturbing, feel I should poke it.

  9. CK

    Isn’t she a little young to have 50 yr old thigh sag? Helluva sign her ass is melting.

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